DNA Heritage

Тhe company specializes in conducting DNA tests to establish paternity, kinship, individual identification, as well as determining the historical origin of a person.

«DNA Heritage» was established in February 2016 in collaboration with the MIPT Laboratory of Historical Genetics, Radiocarbon Analysis and Applied Physics.

«DNA Heritage» is a member of the biopharmaceutical cluster «Northern» - association of the leading enterprises of the Russian pharmaceutical, biotech and medical industries, research institutes, hospitals and small innovative companies within the Moscow Institute for Physics and Technology (MIPT).

Together with the staff of the laboratory «DNA Heritage» has created the technology that allows to carry out DNA tests to identify the historical origin of a person (the definition of his haplogroup and haplotype / mitotype) and confirm relationships.

«DNA Heritage» is conducting DNA tests of the following types:


The «DNA Heritage» genetic laboratory is equipped with modern equipment - PCR thermocyclers, sequencers, robotic systems. Scientists apply latest scientific developments in the field of molecular genetic technologies while carrying out genetic examinations. All tests are performed in compliance with Russian and international standards of genetic research.

All DNA tests are conducted twice. For each case, two independent teams of experts carry out the same DNA analysis, the results are then compared to ensure that they are identical. This greatly increases the accuracy of the DNA test results and eliminates errors.


The staff of the laboratory is highly experienced, many of the scientists have a degree in genetics and molecular biology. The employees of «DNA Heritage» have years of experience and are experts in the field of genetic research and DNA testing. Many of them are authors of numerous publications in leading international journals on molecular biology, genetics, DNA examination and forensic DNA analysis.

During the first six months of work «DNA Heritage» customers ordered more than 400 DNA tests.


Address: 141700, Moscow region, Dolgoprudny, Institutsky per., 9, bld. 7.


Tel.: +7 (499) 350-22-05.
E-mail: mail@dnk-nasledie.ru

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