The winners of the GenerationS will be known on April 25
8 April 2017

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The main event of the GenerationS will be held in the format of large-scale technological show and will gather hundreds of entrepreneurs, Russian and foreign investors, business angels, corporate representatives and participants of the innovation ecosystem. The organizer of the accelerator since 2013 he has mers.

"The sky is not the limit — under such motto will pass the final accelerator this year. At GenerationS we believe that all the barriers invented by men, they heads, and each day observe how our participants have to overcome myself, break stereotypes and move towards their goals, literally, “through thorns to the stars” — says Gulnara Bikkulova, Deputy General Director, member of the Board of RVC and the ideology of GenerationS. — April 25, we go out into space to represent our finalists to the investment community. We invite you to climb aboard a makeshift space ship, where a year in different compartments was serious work."

Guests of the final GenerationS 2016 will be able to meet the 40 best startups of the accelerator. Scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs will present their developments in the field of financial technology, energy, 3D printing, metallurgy, agriculture, Biomedicine, advertising, design and retail, and smart cities. On the stand track LifeScience under the auspices of the operator of the track – "CHI ventures" and the industrial partner of the biopharmaceutical cluster "Northern" - demonstration projects:

  • a portable system of analysis of the skin condition ScanDerm PRO (winner track);

  • medical ID QRepublik;

  • bracelet for storing and carrying tablets PillBand;

  • wireless pacemaker with function of prolonged cardiac monitoring.

The key moment of the finale and the whole season GenerationS-2016 will be the performances of the eight finalists, one from each of the sectoral areas of the accelerator. The developers will present their projects to the Board of Trustees GenerationS. Will be determined three winners, who will share the prize Fund of the accelerator, and the winners of special nominations from the partners of GenerationS.

In 2016 to participate in GenerationS was filed 4237 entries from 30 countries. According to the results of the multi-step selection of the 120 best teams have been in the corporate accelerators in eight areas of the industry: AgroBioTech&Food, Creative Industries, Finance&Banking Technologies, LifeScience, Mining&Metals, Power&energy, SmartCity, TechNet. Directly involved in the selection and acceleration of the projects took about 20 Russian corporations, including QIWI, Moscow stock exchange, "Saturn", OJSC Krastsvetmet, biopharmcluster "Northern", GK "EFKO", etc.

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The operator of the track LifeScience - «KSI Ventures» — Russian investment company specializing in investments in small innovative enterprises in the field of living systems on the seed stage and to microfinance and acceleration of promising projects. Is a member of the Biopharmaceutical cluster "Northern". Since 2014, the company KSI ventures has invested in 15 start-UPS, and 2015 is the managing fellow of the Fund for seed investments in the field of living systems, created in cooperation with RVC seed Fund in the form of investment partnership.

The industrial partner of the track LifeScienceBiopharmaceutical cluster "Northern", which includes companies such as GK PROTEK, OAO Akrikhin, Chemrar, FNTS "parsemeta", OOO "GEROPHARM" SPF "Litech", LLC "Altonika", research Institute of Emergency care. Sklifosovsky, SSC RF Institute of biomedical problems of RAS, Federal research center of Transplantology and artificial organs named after academician V. I. Shumakov of rmph, biomedical cluster "SKOLKOVO", LLC "quantum pharmaceuticals" CJSC "FarmFirma "Soteks", "Center of Biogerontology and Regenerative Medicine", OOO "MARTINEX-PHARMA", LLC "MEDSTART RUS", CJSC "NEUROCOM", LLC "DONA-M", rostkhim, OOO, OOO "M. A. Ster", sbei HPE First MSMU n. a. I. M. Sechenov Ministry of health of Russia, FEDERAL state budgetary institution "Scientific Center of Neurology", ZAO "Medical Technologies Ltd", LLC "KONSTEL", fgbu "VNIIIMT" Roszdravnadzor, fsbi "Scientific center of obstetrics, gynecology and Perinatology named after academician V. I. Kulakov" Ministry of healthcare of the Russian Federation, fgbu "national medical radiological research center" of Ministry of health of the Russian Federation" etc.

GenerationS — the largest startup accelerator in Russia and Eastern Europe, Federal development platform tools of corporate acceleration. Held by RVC in 2013. Industrial partners GenerationS each year, more than 20 Russian corporations, in whose interests the selection and acceleration of startups. Following mnogostupenchataya members GenerationS have opportunities for business development and attracting investment, access to resources and infrastructure of the partners of the accelerator. In 2016 to participate in GenerationS 4237 submitted applications from 30 countries. The prize Fund of GenerationS—2016 will amount to RUB 15 million total value of prizes from partners will exceed 100 million rubles.

АО «РВК» — a government Fund of funds and a development Institute of Russian Federation. The main objectives of activities of JSC "RVC": to stimulate the creation in Russia own industry of venture investment and the performance of the functions of the Project office of the National technology initiative (NTI). The authorized capital of JSC "RVC" is more than 30 billion rubles, 100% of the capital belongs to the RVC Russian Federation represented by the Federal Agency for state property management of the Russian Federation (Rosimushchestvo). The total number of funds created by JSC "RVC", reached 22, their total size is 33 billion rubles. The share of JSC "RVC" is RUB 20.4 billion, the Number of approved investment funds RVC innovative companies has reached 214. The total amount of invested funds — 17.7 billion rubles.

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